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African American Civil War Memorial/Museum, Washington, DC
“Take a look at the African American Civil War Museum/Monument in Washington, D.C., as Director and Founder Dr. Frank Smith talks about some of the things the museum has to offer.”
(2:55) Stars and Stripes, YouTube, September 30, 2015

Riderwood TV Visits the African American Civil War Museum
“Dr. Frank Smith shares the history of African American involvement in the Civil War.”
( 4:56) Riderwood TV, YouTube, January 18, 20218

African American Civil War Museum Ground Breaking Ceremony
“Washington, DC Mayor Muriel Bowser and museum director, Dr. Frank Smith led a ground breaking ceremony to launch the construction of the African American Civil Memorial and Museum’s new home at the historic Grimke building.”
(30:47) Frank Smith, YouTube, November 7, 2019

MainStreet: “Ed Hamilton”
“Ed Hamilton knew early in life that he wanted to be an artist. But it wasn’t until he attended the Art Center School in Louisville, Kentucky, that he found his calling: Sculpting. Today, Ed Hamilton is one of America’s premiere sculptors. His work chronicles his history. To enter his studio in Louisville, you feel the joy and passion of his work. Let’s take a look. This segment was originally featured in MainStreet – “Kentucky Forms” and was produced in October of 2000.”
(8:51) WKUS PBS, YouTube, February 17, 2016

Ed Hamilton Sculptor | Untold to the Unforgettable | A Kentucky Original Series
“Renowned sculptor Ed Hamilton has created countless monuments, plaques and artistic tributes that tell the story of America and celebrate the rich diversity of its people. Learn how a young African American boy growing up in Louisville discovered the talents he would later share with the world.”
(6:53) Kentucky Tourism, YouTube, March 25, 2020

Ed Hamilton: Internationally Renowned American Monument Sculptor
(28:28) MoxieTalk with Kirt Jacobs, Vimeo, May 30, 2008

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