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This pension application includes paperwork related to three categories of beneficiary — Invalid, Widow, and Minor. While much of the testimony seems repetitive, it serves to link individiuals to dates and places during the years between the decennial census. Today’s post includes research notes from 1896-1904. Last week’s post included research notes from 1876-1895.

Invalid – 710,254 / 619,832
Widow – 628,832 / 426,046, Ellen Fuller
Minor – 811,609 / 580,444

Declaration for Widow’s Pension, Ellen Fuller, 20 February 1896
36 years old; residence, Norfolk, Norfolk Co., Va. … [Peter Fuller] died January 23rd, 1896, That she was married under the name Ellen Hill, to said Peter Fuller, on the 7th of April 1876, by Wm Lewis, at Norfolk, Va. … children now living under sixteen years of age of the soldier are as follows:
Frederick Fuller, born Sept 15, 1887
Junius N. Fuller
, born Sep 8, 1891
Clarence Fuller
, born April 29, 1895
“Also personally appeared Jacob Shields, residing at Norfolk, Va., and Fannie Bonney, residing at Norfolk, Va. … acquaintance with her of 12 years and 20 years, respectively”

General Affidavit, Harriet Johnson, 17 March 1896
70 years old; residence, Norfolk, Norfolk Co., Va; post-office address, 1 Brown St., Norfolk, Va
“That she is the mother of Ellen Fuller and knew Peter Fuller for 26 years. That he was married to her daughter under the name of Frederick Fuller but was commonly called Peter Fuller … That she was present at the death of Peter Fuller on Jany 23rd, 1896, That Peter and Ellen Fuller were never married but lived together as man and wife”

General Affidavit, LT Fuller and Fannie Bonney, 17 March 1896
[Fuller] 59 years old; residence, Norfolk, Norfolk Co., Va.; post-office address, 158 North St, Norfolk, Va.
[Bonney] 35 years old; residence, Norfolk, Norfolk Co., Va.; post-office address, 1 Brown St, Norfolk, Va.
“That they have been well acquainted with Peter Fuller for all their lives .. that his correct name is Peter Frederick Fuller. That he enlisted under the name of Peter Fuller and was married to the said Ellen Hill under the name of Frederick Fuller … lived togeher as man and wife until the date of his death on Jany 23rd, 1896 and both affiants were present on the day of his death … Peter Fuller was the brother of LT Fuller and he has known him all his life and lived near him and his wife … Fanny Bonney has lived near Peter Fuller for 20 years and known him intimately and for the last six years has lived in the same house with him and his wife.”

General Affidavit, Ellen Fuller, 24 March 1896
39 years old; post-office address, 1 Brown St
“That she owns no real property and only some few articles of household furniture to the value of about $75; that she has no income except by her daily manual labor; that she supports herself by manual labor; that there is no one legally bound to support her; that she owns no stocks, bonds or investments or has any pecuniary interest therein; that she posses no estate”

Deposition, Ellen Fuller, 26 April 1902
about 45 years old; occupation, “I am a dealer in second hand clothes and take in washing for a living”; residence and post-office address, 1 Brown St, Norfolk, Norfolk Co., Va.
“I became acquainted with [Peter F. Fuller] along about 1862 as nearly as I can fix the time for I was acquainted withhim for about four years before I married him.
“I never knew that he had been previously married and he told me he never had been previously married.
“He died January 26, 1896 at my present residence of asthma. He had been sick abed about three weeks before he died. Dr. _____Langford attended him.
“I was married to soldier under the name of Ellen Hill at Norfolk, Va., April 7, 1896 by Rev. Wm Lewis, a Methodist preacher.
“Since the soldier died I have lived at my present residence and worked at daily labor for my support.
“The following children born to me by the soldier were under 16 years of age at his death. Frederic, born Sept 15, 1887; Junius N, Sept 7, 1891; Clarence, April 29, 1895.
“All these children are living and in my custody.
“I never was married before I married the soldier.
“My witnesses were Fanny Bonney, my husband’s cousin, Lewis [illegible] Fuller, Harriet Hill or Johnson.”
[Note: The “7” is in ink but there’s an “8” written in pencil in superscript next to it.” — Leslie]

Marriage License, Rufus Trotman and Ellen Fuller, 28 July 1904 [official copy]
The marriage took place in Norfolk, Virginia on 28 July 1904. Husband and wife were both 45 years old and both were widowed. He worked as a farmer. Husband was born in Gates County, North Carolina and lived in Princess Anne County, Virginia; wife was born in North Carolina and lived in Norfolk, Va. His parents were Sam and Harriett Trotman; her parents were James and Harriett Hill. The officiant was BB Williams, “a minister of the Bapt Church.”

Declaration for Children Under Sixteen Years of Age, Ellen Trotman, 4 August 1904
46 years old; post-office address, 1 Brown St, Norfolk, Norfolk Co., Va.
“She is the legal guardian of Junius N. Fuller, legitimate child of Peter F. Fuller … he left a widow surviving him who remarried July 28th 1904 … Junius N. Fuller, born September 7, 1891… the father was married under the name Peter F. Fuller to Ellen Fuller”
“Also personally appeared Georgia E. Brooks, residing at Norfolk, Va. and Sarah Johnson, residing at Norfolk, Va. … their acquaintance with her for 25 years and 12 years, respectively”

General Affidavit, Ellen Trotman, 5 August 1904
46 years old; reisdence, Norfolk, Norfolk Co., Va.; post-office address, 1 Brown St, Norfolk, Va.
“Junius F. Fuller … will be 16 years of age on September 7th, 1907 … that [Peter Fuller’s widow] was remarried on the 28th day of July, 1904 to Rufus Trotman.”

General Affidavit, Rufus Trotman and Robert Johnson, 2 September 1904
[Trotman] 45 yeas old; residence, Norfolk, Norfolk Co., Va.; post-office address, 1 Brown St., Norfolk,Va.
[Johnson] 60 years old; residence, Norfolk, Norfolk Co., Va.; post-office address, 40 Nicholson St., Norfolk, Va.
“That they are well acquainted with Ellen Trotman the mother of Junius N. Fuller and also with the minor Junius N. Fuller … is the only child of Peter F. Fuller under the age of 16 on the 9th day of August 1904, by this or any other mariage. Affiant Trotman is the present husband of Ellen Trotman … and has known her and her children for the past six or seven years; affiant Johnson knew Peter F. Fuller and his family for the past twelve years.”

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This pension application includes paperwork related to three categories of beneficiary — Invalid, Widow, and Minor. While much of the testimony seems repetitive, it serves to link a number of individuals to dates and places during the years between the decennial census. This week’s post includes research notes from 1876-1895. Next week’s post will include research notes from 1896-1904.

Invalid – 710,254 / 619,832
Widow – 628,832 / 426,046, Ellen Fuller
Minor – 811,609 / 580,444

Marriage License, Frederick Fuller and Ellen Hill, 6 April 1876 [copy]
Marriage took place in Norfolk on April 6. 1876. Husband was 23 years old; wife was 21 years old. Both were single. He worked as a laborer.

General Affidavit, John Portlock and George Woodis, 3 August 1889
[Portlock] 43 years old; “citizen of the town of Norfolk, city of Norfolk, State of Virginia”
[Woodis] 49 years old; “citizen of the town of Norfolk, city of Norfolk, State of Virginia”
“While at Brazos was taken sick with rheumatism afflictions and that he also became blind from heat and glare of sun, that he was relieved from duty and sent to Hospital Camp where he remained there about 3 months, was attended by Dr. Gray and Manley continued so until discharge, have known him since his return home … he is disabled from doing manual labor and is disabled at least 2/3 from work … live close to him”

General Affidavit, Peter Fuller, 12 November 1890
About 50 years old; “citizen of the town of Norfolk, State of Virginia”
“enlisted in the US Navy on the steamer Adirondack under [illegible] and was wrecked Sept 1862, was after on the ship Comandago, also Vermont and New Hampshire and Paul Jones and was discharged in Boston Sept 1864 at Newport News, Va. and went to Brazos Texas … since that time he has resided in and around Norfolk,Va. … he has been unable to to earn a support by manual labor”

General Affidavit, Peter Fuller, 2 March 1891
48 years old; “citizen of the town of Norfolk cor Brown and Yarmouth St, State of Virginia”
“he was treated in camp by Dr. Gray, his Regimental surgeon”

Deposition, Peter Fuller, 2 June 1893
50 years old; occupation, general laborer; residence and post-office address, 18 Voss St, Norfolk, Norfolk County, Va
“I also served in the US Navy during the war. I first enlisted in the Navy for two years at Fortress Monroe, Va. and was assigned to Adirondack. I was transferred to the Vermont then to the New Hampshire and finally to the Paul Jones. I was discharged from the Navy at Boston, Mass. about Sept 1864.
“Q: Who was the attorney for the prosecution of your claim filed under the act of June 27-1890.
A: W.R. Drury of Norfolk, Va.
Q: Who signed said application as identifying witnesses?
A: John Portlock was one and the other I can’t exactly remember but it was either Armstead Tucker or George Woodhouse.”

“Q: Do you know BA Richardson Jr a notary public?
A: Yes sir I know him now but I did not know him at that time.”

“Q: Did Drury ever say anything to you about Belva A. Lockwood, a pension attorney of Washington, DC?
A: No sir, I am quite sure he did not. I have heard her spoken of but I don’t remember that she ever had any thing to do with my claim.”

Deposition, Armistead Tucker, 6 June 1893
49 years old; residence and post-office box, 22 Kent St, Norfolk, Norfolk County, Virginia

Deposition, George Woodhouse, 8 June 1893
about 52 years old; “occupation, anything I can find to do,” residence and post-office address, corner Chapel Street Road and Gordon Avenue
“I don’t remember [Peter Fuller] … but I did know Thomas Fuller and Fred Fuller … They are both now living in Norfolk. I also know Peter Keeling who served in my company; he now lives in Berkly, Va.
” Q: Do you know John Portlock?
A: Yes, verry well … I was once a witness for John Bush at WR Drury’s office.”

Deposition, John Portlock, 9 June 1893
46 years old; occupation, laborer; post-office address, 7-4th St, Springfield, Norfolk Co., Va
“I have known Peter Fuller since we enlisted in the army together … all of us were sick when in Texas until we got used to the climate”

General Affidavit, Peter Fuller, 8 June 1895
52 years old; residence, Norfolk, Norfolk Co., Va.; post-office addrss, 1 Brown St., Norfolk, Va

General Affidavit, George Scott and William Johnson, 19 October 1895
[Scott] 57 years old; residence, Norfolk, Norfolk Co., Va.; 18 Jefferson St., Norfolk, Va.
[Johnson] 45 years old; residence, Norfolk, Norfolk Co., Va.; post-office address, 177 Cumberland St., Norfolk, Va.
“acquainted with the soldier upwards of twenty years. Has lived in the same section with the soldiers during that period of time. … The soldier has always been considered in the community in which he lives as a temperate person in his habits.”

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According to the soldier’s daughter, her father enlisted in the 1st U.S. Colored Cavalry in October 1863 in Mississippii but that regiment wasn’t organized until December 1863 at Fort Monroe, Virginia. The Pension Board couldn’t resolve this and other discrepancies, consequently the application was denied.

Minor — 459,517 / —–,

Declaration for Children Under Sixteen Years of Age, Eliza Duvall, 5 August 1890
35 years old; post-office address, Box #125 Greenville, Washington County, Mississippi
“[Anthony Anderson] who enlisted at Skipwith Landing, Miss on the 11 day of Oct, 1863 … who died in service … names and dates of birth of all the surviving children of the children, under sixteen years of age as follows:

Eliza Duvall child of the soldier, born Jan 1855
Rachel Smith formerly Anderson, born May 1857
Charlotte Ann Anderson, born June 1859
Lilia Ann Lee formerly Anderson, born Jan 1861
Elizabeth Anderson, born March 1863

“That the father was married under the name of Anthony Anderson to Jane Horance [?]”
“Also personally appeared Walker Smith, residing at Oakland Place, Miss and C.B. Litchfield, residing at Refuge, Miss. … their acquaintance … 35 years and 30 years, respectively”

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The soldier died of consumption in 1877; his wife died three years later. The researcher would do well to see if the wife’s death appears in the 1880 Mortality Schedule.

Minor — 554,851 / —–, Marthy Taylor

Application of Guardian of Minor Children, Marthy Taylor, 30 June 1892
20 years old; residence, Norfolk, Norfolk County, Virginia
“child of Osborne Taylor … Osborne Taylor died at Warrick [sic] County, Virginia … May in the year A.D. 1877, that his death was caused by consumption and heart disease and affliction of lungs; [the child’s mother died 1880], and that the date of birth claimant was, as follows: March 1872.
“She further declares that the parents of said child were married at Isle of Wight Co., Va by slave laws … by masters consent.
“She also declares that she empowers [illegible] Rothert & Co of Washington, DC
“Also personally appeared Joseph Carey and Jacob Crocker, residents of Norfolk County … knew the family well for many years before the death of Osborne Taylor and knew they lived and cohabited as husband and wife and that claimant aforesaid is their child.”

Deposition, Joseph Carey, 12 June 1893
29 years old; occupation, oyster opener; residence, 41 Howard Street, Norfolk, Virginia
“I never heard of Osborne Taylor. I know W.R. Drury, pension agent, when I see him here in jail. I never appeared before W.R. Drury for any purpose and was never sworn to him to anything.”

Deposition, William R. Drury, 15 August 1893
55 years old; occupation, lawyer; residence, London Turnpike, Norfolk, Virginia
“All the recollection I have of the case is the name of Martha and Osborn Taylor.
“Yes I have recollection of the fact that Martha Taylor appeared before me for the execution of that application. I cannot remember how she looked. I know she appeared before me because I would never have sent in the application if she had not.
“I remember Joseph Carey. He is about 5 ft six inches and is a yellow man. I do not remember Jacob Crocker…. I am certain that Joseph Carey did live in Norfolk, Va. and that he staid [sic] here all that time.”
“I do not know where any of these three people now live. I have no record of the case as it was executed after I am disbarred from practice before the Department of Interior.”

Letter from Chas. W. Cannon, Special Examiner to Commissioner of Pensions, Washington, DC, 31 August 1893
“The Joseph Carey whose deposition I have taken is evidently not the Carey whose name appears as an identifying witness.
“W.R. Drury has no recollection of the case besides that his testimony would not be worth anything if he did although his deposition appears herewith.”
“P.S. This Joseph Carey I found in jail here.”

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**Today’s post includes research notes for documents dated 1891-1892. Last week’s post included research notes for documents dated 1868-1888.

The widow’s former enslaver offered testimony about the widow’s age, her children’s ages, the year of purchase, and the year he moved “his people” from Hampton, Virginia to Dinwiddie County, Virginia. Pension benefit applications from the widow and the guardian dragged on for more than 20 years and were eventually denied.

Widow — 425,390 / —–, Margaret Washington
Guardian — 162,426 / —–, Albert Portlock

Widow’s Declaration for Pension or Increase of Pension, Margaret Washington, 16 November 1891
about 50 years old; post-office address, Hampton, Va.
[She married the soldier Isom Portlock] on the 1st day of October A.D. 1856 by Rev. Rich’d Parker at Norfolk, Va. … Claimant re-married … 1867 … [the soldier’s] legitimate children
Georgiana born November 1st 1859
Cyrus born September 15th, 1861
“Also personally appeared Lee Price, residing at Hampton, Va. and Annika [Amanda?] Robinson residing at same.”

Declaration for Original Pension of a Widow — Child or Children under Sixteen Years of age surviving, Margaret Washington, 10 December 1891
46 years old; residence, Hampton, Va.; post-office address, Hampton, Va.
“She was married under the name of Margaret Young to said Isom Portlock … 1856 by consent of former owners … names and dates of birth of all his legitimate children yet surviving who were under sixteen years of age at the father’s death,
Georgia Portlock, born Oct 1, 1859
Cyrus Portlock, born Sept 15, 1859
“Also personally appeared L.C. Williams, residing at No. 19 in Jefferson street, in Norfolk, Va. and Cyrus Portlock residing in Atlantic City, Norfolk, Va.
[Note: There are discrepancies in the reported birthdates — Leslie]

Names and P.O. addresses of officers and comrades of Co. F. 1st Reg’t U.S. Col. Cav., 31 March 1892

NameRankPresent P.O. Address
Jno. Walker2d Sgt.Elizabeth City, Pasquotank Co., NC
Beverly WestSgt.22 Cleveland St., Norfolk, Va.
Cuffy EmmersonPvt.Berkley, Norfolk Co., Va.
Wm. FullerPvt.Berkley, Norfolk Co., Va.
Henry SivillsPvt.Berkley, Norfolk Co., Va.
Edw. W. WhithersPvt.c/o J.F. Dezendorf, Norfolk, Va.
Isaac DeansPvt.Barboursville, Orange Co., Va.
Edw. ProctorPvt.South Mills, Camden Co., NC

Report from Special Examiner, Eastville, Virginia, to the Commissioner or Pensions, Washington, DC, 22 November 1892
“p.o. addresses are respectively: Georgiana until the Spring of 1893, Calhoun Colored School, Calhoun, Lowndes Co., Ala. After the Spring of 1893, Normal School, Hampton, Va., Cyrus, Atlantic City, Norfolk, Norfolk Co., Va. … Wm. B.F. Hudgins, who was the last owner of the mother and who appears to be a highly intelligent gentleman and to have a good memory, states that he bought the mother in 1858 and that she had two children then … Wm. Hudgins, moved his slaves off from Hampton to Dinwiddie, Va. in July 1861 … the soldier ‘kept company’ with one Jennie Selden after the mother of the minors was sold and sent away in 1858, that he ‘kept company’ with Jennie when his company was stationed in Norfolk for 7 [or 9?] months during service and that when his regiment was sent to Texas after the war ‘Jennie’ accompanied the soldier and occupied a tent with him there as his wife and was known by his surname although it is stated that they were not married and did not live together after service and that afterwards ‘Jennie’ would not have anything more to do with him.”

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