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Unable to work because of a gunshot wound to the foot, the veteran’s application based on invalid status was approved.

Invalid – 1,028, 945 / 785,758

Claimant’s Affidavit, Anthony Williams, 20 November 1891
56 years old; residence, Cartwrights, Nansemond County, Virginia
“was wounded in the left foot … it was at Chickahominy … unable to earn a living [illegible] by hard labor … Witness: Thomas Holland, Exum White

Letter from Chas. Gary, Cartwrights Wharf, Nansemond County, Virginia to S.L. Wilson, U.S. Pension Agt., Washington, DC, 4 December 1895
“I endorse to you Mr. Anthony Williams pension papers unsigned as he died Oct 8, 1895. Mr. Williams lived with me at time of his death and had been for several years and I write to let you know the facts in the case and on yesterday in looking over his papers I found this one and thought it ought to be returned and do so at once.”

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A ‘recruiter’ encouraged his brother-in-law who lived in New Jersey to enlist under an alias in New York. A bridesmaid and groomsman from the couple’s 1857 wedding vouched for the widow’s application for pension benefits. Witnesses lived in Camden County, New Jersey and nearby Philadelphia, Pennsylvania located just across the Delaware River.

Invalid — 864, 877 / 616,988
Widow — 575,736 / 402,259, Sarah A. Brown

Declaration for Widow’s Pension, Sarah A. Brown, 3 May 1893
residence and post-office address, 1026 So 10th St, Camden, Camden Co., NJ;
“She was married under the name of Sarah Jubilee to said Robert Brown on the 25 day of Nov 1857 by Rev. W.D. W. Schuman, at Camden, NJ … neither of them previously married
“Also personally appeared Sarah L. Gibson, residing at Camden, County of Camden, State of New Jersey, and Mary E. Wright, residing at Camden, County of Camden, State of New Jersey”
[Note: “Jubilee” is a very unusual surname. Oscar Jubilee served in Company I, 1st U.S. Colored Cavalry (posted December 7, 2020) and his brother Samuel C. Jubilee served in Company K, 1st U.S. Colored Cavalry (posted November 30, 2020). Samuel settled in New Jersey but more research is required to determine whether these men had a connection with the widow Sarah (Jubilee) Brown — Leslie]

Deposition, Sarah A. Wright, 15 September 1893
59 years old; post-office address, 1026 So. 10th, Camden, NJ
“I exhibited to you the Discharge he received, but you can see it has been mutilated, the name Robert Brown was erased and the name Isaiah Wright inserted. He must have done that himself.”
“I was married to [the soldier] in this house in 1857 … We had a small wedding party. Wm. Sample, Comfort Pool, Lizzie Mitchfield were present at the marriage and my sister Elizabeth Weeks saw the marriage. I have the original marriage certificate which I exhibit to you.”
“I did not know that he was going to enlist. I was sick and he left me in the morning to go to his work. He did not return that night and I was worried and I did not know for about one week where he was and then Isaac Silvey (dead) my husband’s brother-in-law who was a ‘recruiter’ came and told me that my husband had enlisted in New York. My husband sent me a letter from Harts Island and in that he mentioned that his name was Robert Brown and he instructed me to address him by that name … I have no letters that he sent me … He was a Sergeant. No one around here enlisted with him. I heard him speak of a comrade named Zach Green, and he has been here since the war. I don’t know where he lived but I think in Philad.
“No I do not know Edward Moore, a comrade who was with him when he applied for pension. Isaac Selvy advised him to take the alias Robert Brown so he told me. He got a bounty I think of $600. Selvy gave me $200 and the balance he put in the bank for my husband, but I never got any of the balance nor did my husband, Selvy got it.
“Because he served under an alias he did not join the GAR on that account. The State has erected a tombstone with his name Isaiah Wright … there was a space between [her husband’s] two front teeth … I earn my living by washing and cooking. I just returned from Cape May where I have been working all summer.
“He owned this house. I suppose it’s mine. It is worth probably $1500 but is mortgaged for $600.”

Deposition, Caroline Selvy, 3 July 1894
48 years old; residence, 1126 Ohio Street, Philadelphia, Pennysylvania;
“I am a widow. My maiden name was Caroline Wright. I am a sister of Isaiah Wright, late husband of the claimant, Sarah A. Wright. I had two other brothers, George and William. George went to sea about 20 years ago. During that time I have never heard from him. I do not know whether he is living or dead. William lives at Yorktown, Salem Co., NJ. He works on a farm at that place.
“My brother Isaiah Wright died April 6, 1893 at No. 1026 S. 10 St., Camden, NJ. I was at his funeral. … He was married to the claimant several years before the war. I was not at the marriage but I was present at the ‘reception.’
“While he was at the Army he wrote one letter to me in which he described his army life. I think the letter was dated ‘Hilton Head.’ I remember he signed his name just ‘R.’ His full name was Robert Isaiah Wright. I answered that letter and addressed him at Isaiah Wright.
“After I mailed the letter my husband Isaac Selvey asked me how I addressed him. I told him and he replied that the letter might not reach him because that was not his name, that he enlisted under the name of ‘Robert Brown’ and that he was known by that name in the regiment. The letter was returned to me.
“My husband Isaac Selvy was a ‘recruiting man’ and enlisted my brother at New York … I never heard my brother give any reason for taking an assumed name at his enlistment.”
“He wa a short stout man, black, has a small moustache. I don’t remember that he wore beard on his chin. No special marks. His teeth were very far apart, so far that it would look to some people that he had lost some of them … I have not seen Zach Green since last Fall. I saw him then on a wagon. I do not know if he is still in the city.”

Deposition, John Brinkley, 3 July 1894
52 years old; occupation, laborer; residence, Paschallville, Church ___, Philadelphia, Pa.
“I enlisted in New York in March 1865 in Co L 1 USC Cavy. … I knew two members of the company named Brown — Isaiah Brown and William Brown. Isaiah Brown was from Camden, NJ. I tented with these men and of course was well acquainted with them — with Isaiah especially … I never saw him since our discharge until about four years ago. I met him in Camden, NJ. I hailed him as ‘Brown.’ He then told me that ‘Brown’ was not his name … and that his true and correct name was ‘Wright’ … there was considerable distance between his teeth … I often noticed that he could spit clear through them without parting them.”

General Affidavit, Wm T. Sample and Comfort White, 13 May 1899
[Sample] 62 years old; residence, Camden, Camden Co., NJ; post-office address, 10 S. Chestnut St
[White] 62 years old; residence, Mt. Ephron, Camden Co., NJ; post-office address, Mt. Ephron, Camden Co., NJ
“We was well acquainted with Isiah Wright alias Robert Brown, and with Sarah his wife. We was perseant [sic] at there [sic] marriage at Camden Nov 25th 1857 by Wm. L.W. Schumann and we acted as bridesmade [sic] and groomsman.”

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Veterans (or their survivors) filed for pension benefits from their place of residence. Many who served in this regiment moved to Northern states immediately after discharge but others moved northward later.

Widow – 464,772 / —–

Declaration for Widow’s Pension, Hannah M. Williams, 20 August 1890
65 years old; residence, Lenovor [?], Chester County, Pennsylvania
“she was married under the name of Hannah M. Jackson to said Joseph H. Williams on the 13th day of April A.D. 1879 by Rev. Robt White at Black Horse”

General Affidavit, Solomon States and Marshall R. Miles, 7 February 1891
[States] 34 years old; residence, Parkersburg, Chester Co., Penn; residence, Parkersburg, Chester Co., Penn
[Miles] 37 years old; residence, Parkersburg, Chester Co., Penn; residence, Parkersburg, Chester Co., Penn
“They certify that Hannah M. Williams has not remarried since the death of Joseph H. Williams her husband. We have been acquainted with her for eight years — also that her means of support is on two wash places, at one place every week, the other every other week with 50 cts for each washing is all she has to live on. House & lot worth about $150 (one hundred fifty dollars, the furniture if at public sale would not bring even $50 (fifty dolls).”

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This soldier was born in Maryland, lived in Reading, Pennsylvania, and enlisted on Staten Island, New York. Once his service ended, he lived in Norristown, Pennsylvania and died in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Invalid — 804,044 / 11,23197

Affidavit, John P. Stewart, 8 October 1892
35 yeras old; residence, Norristown, Pa.; post-office address, Eric Bel Walnut
“That he has been personally acquainted with this applicant upwards of 20 years”

Sworn Statement, Gilbert Smith, 13 January 1900
24 years old; residence and post-office address, 111 Mill Street, Norristown, Pennsylvania
“[He has known Reese] for at least twelve years; that he has lived in the same house for several years past”

Sworn Statement, Lewis Smith, 13 January 1900
60 years old; residence and post-office address, 59 Penn Street, Norristown, Pennsylvania
“[He has known Reese] for at least twenty years”

Sworn Statement, Alexander Reese, 13 March 1900
residence and post-ofice address, [illegible] Mill Street, Norristown, Pa.
“That he has not been treat [sic] specially by doctors, but had gotten a large amount of medicine and linaments [sic] at drugstores such as was recommended”

Questionnaire (Form 3-474), Alexander Reese, 30 April 1906
[birthplace] Red Lion, Maryland
[place of enlistment] Staten Island, New York
[residence before enlistment] Reading, Pennsylvania
[occupation] “laboring man”
[discharged] Santiago, Texas
[residences since discharge] Norristown, Pennsylvania up to March 10, 1904. Since that time, Atlantic City, NJ
[occupation] “laboring man”
[residence and post-office] 821 Baltic Avenue, Atlantic City, NJ

Sworn Statement, Alexander Reese, 3 May 1909
“He is unable to furnish the records of his birth, and that he was born in the state of Marland [sic] on March 1st 1847″

Questionnaire (Form3-389), Alexander Reese, 31 March 1915
[date/place of birth] March 1, 1847
[post office at enlistment] Staten Island, New York
[wife’s full name and maiden name] Bella Reese … Bella Thompson
[where, when, by whom married] Norristown, Pennsylvania; Rev. Halsey
[official record of marriage] Presbyterian church
[previously married] no
[current wife previously married] no
[living with current wife] deceased
[names and birthdates of all children] “Joseph Reese, out West”

Application for Reimbursement, Julia Hazard, 12 July 1916
[sick or death benefits] Yes. $75.00, Metropolitan Life Insurance
[names of beneficiaries] Julia Hazart
[premiums paid] 10 cents a week by Julia Hazart
[married] a widow
[cause of pensioner’s death] heart trouble
[beginning date of pensioner’s last illness] March 2, 1915
[names and addresses of all physicians] Chas. A. McGuire, 120 N. Maryland Ave, Atlantic City
{names of those who nursed the pensioner] David Blackwell, 1118 Baltic Avenue, Atlantic City, NJ; Jennie Oliver, 120 Maryland Avenue, Atlantic City; Julia Hazert, 1118 Baltic Avenue, Atlantic City, NJ
[Note — Signed by “Mrs Julia Hazard”— Leslie]

Letter from Commissioner, Pension Bureau to Mrs. Julia Hazard, 1118 Baltic Avenue, Atlantic City, New Jersey, 26 July 1916
“You are advised that you should state the amount you paid in premiums on the insurance policy carried on the pensioner’s life.
“If David Blackwell and Jennie Oliver make no charge for nursing, you should finish their statements to the effect over their own signatures.
“The inclosed certificate should be signed by Dr. Charles A. McGuire and a member of the firm of C.E. Flipping and Son and return to this bureau.”

Letter from Commissioner of Pensions, Washington, DC to County Auditor, Mays Landing, New Jersey, 7 August 1916
“Burial of Alexander Reese, who died May 31, 1916 at 1118 Baltic Ave., Atlantic City, NJ, and was buried at Pleasantville, NJ, by C.E. Flipping and Son, undertakers.”

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Little information is given about this veteran but knowing his age, residence and the birth name (and death date) of his deceased wife suggest several sources of information that might be fruitful.

Invalid — 818,387 / 567,139

Questionnaire (Forme 3-402), Ambrose George, April 1898
[wife] widowed, Mary Mason died 19 February 1891
[living children] no children under 16 years of age

Declaration for Invalid Pension, Ambrose George, 14 July 1890
64 years old; residence, Brooklyn, NY; post-office address, 506 Clermont Ave, Brooklyn, NY
“Also personally appeared Robert Green, residing at Brooklyn, NY and Theodore Fergeson, residing at Brooklyn, NY … their acquaintance with [Ambrose George] for 8 years and 28 years, respectively”

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