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One document said the soldier was killed in battle in July 1864. Another reported he died of injuries sustained when he was thrown from a horse during a drill at Camp Hamilton, Virginia. If conflicting evidence went unresolved an application for benefit would be rejected .

Mother – 365,533 / —–, Chloe Hodges

Declaration for an Originial Pension for a Mother, Chloe Hodges, 15 December 1887
61 years old; residence, Belleville, Nansemond County, Virginia; post-office address, Belleville, Nansemond County, Virginia
“she is the widow of Allen Hodges, and mother of Henderson Hodges .. who was killed in battle at Deep Bottom, Va, on the 21st day of July AD 1864; that said son left neither widow nor children under sixteen years of age surviving; that she was partly dependent upon said son for support; that her husband … Allen Hodges aged 79 years died on the [blank] day of September 1871 that there were surviving the date of said son’s death his brothers and sisters, who were under sixteen of age as follow:
Martha (now Martha Rountree having married Thomas Rountree), born October 12, 1848
Harriet (now the wife of George Haile), born 1852
Adaline (now the wife of John Wright), born 1857
Anna (now the widow of John Tynes), born 1860
“Also personally appeared Norman B. Hayden residing in Suffolk, Nansemond Co., Va. and CH Causey, Jr residing in Suffolk, Nansemond Co., Va. “

Declaration for an Original Pension of a Mother, Chloe Hodges, 8 April 1891
70 years old; residence, Suffolk, Va.; post-office address, 709 County St., Portsmouth, Va. care of Henry Clay
“[the soldier] died in Hospital at Hampton, Virginia of injuries received by being thrown from his horse while on drill at Camp Hamilton, Virginia … 1st day of March, AD 1865 … [the claimant was] married to the father of said son at Nansemond Co., Va … 1871 … his brothers and sisters who were under sixteen years of age …
Martha Hodges now Rountree
Harriet Hodges now Haile
Adaline Hodges now Wright
Isaiah Hodges
Anna Hodges now Tynes
Margaret Ann Hodges
“Also personally appered Elizabeth Clay, residing at 709 County Street, Ports, Va. … and Adaline Wright residing at 716 Queen Street in Ports, Va.”

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The widow’s deposition noted that in 1906 the soldier’s surviving brother “was with the Confederate army with his master” and the soldier’s surviving sister lived in Mississippi.

Invalid – 738,827 / 530,635
Widow – 803,623 / 604,710, Mary Hopper

Alexander Wilson, General Affidavit, 10 December 1889
post-office address, Jefferson Street, Norfolk, Va.
“has seen him as often as three times each and every week continuously since 1865 to the present time and worked together for months from time to time”

Edinborough Foreman, General Affidavit, 19 December 1889
48 years old; post-office address, 39 James St, Norfolk, Va.
“Affiant has seen claimant two and three times each week in every year since his service”

Continuance Affidavit, Alexander Wilson, 2 January 1894
post-office address, [illegible] Jefferson St., Norfolk, Va.
“He has known claimant for the past forty-five years and that he met and saw claimant as soon as he left the United States Army”

Raphael Wright, General Affidavit, 27 February 1894
post-office address, 80 A Avenue, Huntersville, Va.
“I am well and intimately acquainted Owen Hopper … and have been since 1866 when he came home from the Army.

General Affidavit, Owen Hopper, 28 December 1895
53 years old; residence, Norfolk, Norfolk County, Virginia; post-office address, 69 James Street, Norfolk, Va.
“John Guy and Peter Fuller bothof whom are witnesses of his were members of his Company and Regiment … and members of the Pension Roll of the United States

Questionnaire (Form 3-493), Owen Hopper, 25 June 1898
[residence, post-office address] 11 Gordon Ave, Norfolk, Virginia
[residence June 14, 1865 to present residence] Norfolk, Va., Bermuda Street, 6 years; Chapel Street, 1 year; Queen Street, 2 years; James Street, 16 years; Scott Street, 1 year; Jefferson Street, 1 year; Charlotte Street, 2 years; Gordon Ave, #11, 4 years
[nearest post-office] Norfolk, Va
[occupation since June 14, 1865] laborer
[known by any other name] no

Deposition, Martha Corprew, 25 January 1906
about 59 years old; post-office address, 620 Bute St., Norfolk, Va.
“I became acquainted with the claimant Martha E Hopper, about a year before the Civil War broke out. She used to come to our place at Turkey Ridge near Hickory Grounds, Norfolk Co., Va. Her master’s name was Wilkinson. Her mother was named Bridget Lynch after she got free. The claimant had no husband when she was with her owner. We all came to Norfolk City the first year the Yankees took Norfolk. I got here in July. I saw Mary and her mothre here a very short time afterwards and we stayed together on Cumberland street about a year. I have known her well ever since. I got married while the war was going on after my brother Walter Jones (dead) enlisted in the Army, the 1st Cav., I think. The claimant waited on me when I was married. She was single then but Owen Hopper was waiting on her, had for some years. I don’t know the date of my marriage. I was married by a white minister named Corprew. I don’t know whether we had license or not. The claimant was called Mary Lynch after she came to Norfolk.”

Deposition, Mary Hopper, 25 January 1906
“He did not tell me that he had deserted but after a long while heard that he had deserted. I lived with him as his wife from that time unto his death here in Norfolk. First on Cumberland St about two years then on Bermuda Street about 8 years and after that in various parts of the city.
Q. By whom can you prove that you were known and recognized as the wife of Owen Hopper and you lived with him from May before he enlisted or before Feb 27, 1866 to his death.
A. By Willis Quickmore and his wife Mary. Martha Corprew. Edmund Dozier and Jane Smith knew I was soldier’s wife for many years. …”The soldier has one brother living Peter Hopper. He was with the Confederate Army with his master and he knew that I was the wife of Owen Hopper from his return from the army. Soldier has but one sister living Letitia Gillepsie who is somewhere in the state of Mississippi. …. I have not owned or possessed any property since soldier’s death, and have no income except from my own labor. No one is legally bound to support me. I have never had a child. I did not become the soldier’s wife in 1860. It was in May of the year he enlisted when he became my husband.”

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This soldier is indexed as a member of the 1st U.S. Colored Cavalry but was in fact he was a member of 2nd D.C. Infantry. Volunteers.

Invalid — 988,147 / —–

Declaration for Invalid Pension, W.H. Hobbs, 19 August 1890
48 years old; residence, Brazonia, Brazonia County, Texas; [post-office address, Brazonia, Brazonia County, Texas
“disability … loss of one finger”
“Also personally appeared L.H. McNeill residing at Gulf Prairie, and Miles Edwards, residing at Brazonia”

General Affidavit for Any Purpose, Wesley Hobbs, 8 April 1893
residence, Brazonia, Brazonia County, Texas
“That he was late a member of Co. C 2nd D.C. Inft. and was discharged at Washington, DC”

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The soldier was enslaved in Talbot County located on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. During his service he served as a jail guard in Norfolk. When he returned to the county after his discharge he worked as an oysterman. His daughter who lived in Philadelphia moved to Maryland to take care of her mother after the soldier’s death.

Invalid — 972,146 / 1,059,450
Widow — 1,012,755 / 767,372,
Anna Marie Hinson

General Affidavit, Robt. Hinson, 13 April 1892
48 years old; residence Wittman, Talbot County, Maryland
“I was wounded in the knee from a fall in eighteen hundred and sixty five, the year that Abe Lincoln died, while guarding the jail I contracted rheumatism … I’ve not been able to do any work at all. The jail I guarded was in Norfolk, since 1865”

General Affidavit, Thomas Cooper and Jacob P. Gibson, 7 October 1892
[Cooper] 72 years old; residence, Talbot County, Maryland; post-office address, Witmans [sic]
[Gibson] 36 years old; residence, Talbot County, Maryland; post-office address, Witmans [sic]
“We the undersigned have known Robert Hinson since before the ending of the war, we see him every day, being near neighbor … know him to be a man who would not shirk work, he is an oysterman … we have known him to be attended by a physician a month or two at a time. He is hardly able to perform one quarter of a man’s work”

Neighbor’s Affidavit, Harry D. Nutz [sp?], 15 July 1896
33 years old; residence and post-office address, Wittman, Talbot Co., Maryland
“personally accquainted with Robert Hinson for 20 years … he lives about a quarter of a mile from me. I see him every day. I have never employed him or worked with him.”
“He is also a temperate woman with no vicious habits and a good citizen and I don’t think he is responsible for his afflictions.”
[Note: Beneath Nutz’s signature is the signature of a second affiant — “Oscar S. Hubbard” — but there’s no personal information about Hubbard on the form as for Nutz — Leslie]

Neighbor’s Affidavit, Joseph B. Wrightson, 12 October 1896
37 years old; residence and post-office address, Wittman, Talbot County, Maryland
“I am a merchant, claimant works on a farm and oysters some. Have known him for 30 years, he lives about 1/4 mile from me. I see him nearly every day, have employed him to do little jobs for me at times.”

Questionnaire (Form 3-173), Robert Hinson, 6 January 1899
[living children] Robert, Albert, Cary, May [or Mary?], Sadie, James
[Note: Handwriting is barely legible but is consistent with information reported elsewhere in the application — Leslie]

Sworn Statement, A.B. Glascock, MD, 13 April 1900
“I have been Robt Hinson’s family physician for the past few years”

Sworn Statement, Perry Cooper and Joseph S. Hinson, 26 April 1900
“This is to certify that we have known Robert Hinson all our lives … and that he is a sober and peaceable man”

Affidavit, Perry Cooper and William S. Lowe, 21 October 1902
[Cooper] 42 years old; residence and post-office address, Wittman, Talbot Co., Md
[Lowe] 49 years old; residence and post-office address, McDaniel, Talbot Co., Md.
“Robert Hinson is afflicted … unable to do any laborious work”

Physician’s Affidavit, Joseph B. Seth, MD, 24 October 1902
“Have been acquainted with said soldier about 20 years”

Questionnaire (Form 3-474), Robert Hinson, 6 December 1902
[born] “near Wittman”
[enlisted] Fortress Monroe
[residence before enlistment] Wittman
[occupation] laborer
[enslaved] Mrs. Catherine Love [or Lowe?]
[discharged] Brazos Santiago, Texas
[residence since discharge] Wittman
[present occupation] doing odd jobs
[description] five feet, eight inches … mark on “my right knee where I fell at Norfolk on guard”
[different name in service] “no other name but Robert Hinson”
[different name on pension application] none
[current name] Robert Hinson
[residence] Wittman, Talbot Co., Md.

Declaration for Pension, Robert Hinson, 1 April 1907
65 years old; residence, Wittman, Talbot County, Maryland;
“That he was born January 24th, 1842, at Easton … That his several places of residence since leaving the service have been as follows: Wittman”
“Also personally appeared Wm. L. Love, residing in McDaniel, Md. and Joseph H. Scott, residing in McDaniel, Md. … their acquaintance with him of 20 years and 40 years, respectively”

Declaration for Pension, Robert Hinson, 20 May 1912
68 years old; resident of Wittman, county of Talbot, State of Maryland
“enrolled at Old Point Comfort, Va., Va. … 15th day of January, 1864 … honorably discharged at Brazos Santiago, Texas, on the 4th day of February, 1866 … occupation was laborer, that he was born January 29th, 1844, at Talbot County, Maryland … That his several places of residence since leaving the service have been as follows: Wittman, Talbot County, Maryland”

Declaration for Widow’s Pension, Anna Maria Hinson, 12 August 1913
“That she was married under the name Anna Maria Foreman [Freeman?] to said soldier at Trappe, Maryland, on the fifth day of August, 1873, by Rev. W.C. MaCoy … had not been previously married … That the said soldier died June 21,1913, at Wittman, Maryland”
“Also personally appeared Allen Cooper, residing in Wittman, Md, and Robert H. Caldwell, residing in Wittman, Md.”

Sworn Statement, Allen Cooper and Wm/ Robert Caldwell, 5 October 1913
“[both residents of Wittman] personally acquainted with Robert Hinson and Anna M. Hinson, his wife … acquainted with them since each attained marriageable age … we know that Robert Hinson died on June 21, 1913 and was burried [sic] on June 23, 1913 and that they attended his funeral and saw his remains burried [sic]”

Sworn Statement, Mrs. Robert Caldwell, 13 October 1913
59 years old; Wittman, Talbot, Maryland
“[knew Robert Hinson] personally for fifty years … [have known] Anna M. Freeman Hinson for fifty years … I also attended the funeral of Robert Hinson and saw the remains interred”

Sworn Statement, Allen Cooper, 13 October 1913
67 years old; Wittman, Talbot, Maryland
“well acquainted with Robert Hinson … knew him personally for sixty years … [have known] Anna M. Freeman Hinson for forty-six years … also saw Robert Hinson burried [sic] and I attended the funeral.”

General Affidavit, Carrie Hinson, 30 April 1930
49 years old; residence and post-office address, Wittman, Talbot County, Maryland
“I have performed the duty as nurse and caretaker, daily and nightly, to Annie M.F. Hinson, Widow, age 86 yrs (my mother). Having performed and am still, the same duty since Feb. 1929. Which is the date of my return to Wittman, Md. from Philadelphia, Pa. after an absence of 22 years. Being the only female in the family, (single), with a living wage position also, I gave up my position with an estimated salary $18.00 per week, to come home imediately [sic] after being notified, to nurse and care for the person herein named (my mother). Six months thereafter I found it utterly impossible to nurse and care for my mother also myself, from the pesnion given her by the government, $40.00 per mo. Therefore I am sincerely fileing [sic] this evidence as proof for my claim to compensation my mother being absolutey unable to do for herself , use of left am gone. unable to be left alone, which demands my personal service, Thereby preventing the claimant absolutely, from earning or providing a living for myself. Willingly and requesting, and inspection of the condition herein mentioned, by the government.”
[Note: Carrie Hinson wrote her statement and signed it. It’s transcribed verbatim — Leslie]

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One of the documents in this soldier’s pension application reports that he was born in York County, Pennsylvania but he might have been born in York County, Virginia. Upon returning to civilian life, he made his home in James City County which shares a border with Virginia’s York County. Additional research is required to determine his place of birth.

Invalid — 905, 497 / —-

Declaration for Invalid Pension, Nicles Henderson, 23 August 1890
47 years old; residence, James City County, Virginia; post-office address, Toano, James City County, Virginia
“Also personally appeared Geo. E. Crawley, residing at Toano, County of James City, State of Virginia, and Geo. W. Jones, residing at Toano, County of James City, State of Virginia”

Military Service (Form 3-060a), Nicles Henderson, 17 April 1891
“The rolls show Nicholas Henderson … was enrolled Aug 26, 1864, m.o. Feby 4, 1866. Born, York Co., Pa., 23yo, Laborer – Eyes & Hair black – Complx dark – 5ft 8 in”
[Note: There’s also a York County in Virginia — Leslie]

Department of the Interior, Bureau of Pensions, Call No. 7 (3-091) 6 February 1893
“You are hereby directed to report yourself for medical examination to the Board of Examining Surgeons, S.K. Towles, Nat. Sol. Home, [Town] Hampton … [County] Eliz. City … [State] Va. within three months from date hereof.
“The Board meets at 10 o’clock a.m. every Wednesday in each month.
Claimant: Nickles Henderson
P.O.: Toano, James City Co., Va.
Attorney: Joseph H. Hunter
P.O.: City”
[Note: Handwritten on the back in blue ink “Respectfully returned. It is reported the claimant died recently. Joseph H. Hunter, Atty, Feby 11/93” — Leslie]

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