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This veteran from the Eastern Shore was beset by difficulty. He suffered a head wound from a shell explosion and his condition worsened as he aged. His wife abandoned him shortly after the war ended and moved to New York with another man. But his son survived into adulthood and the injured soldier married a second time.

Invalid — 169,775 / 121,789

Claimant’s Affidavit, David Anderson, 16 December 1889
47 years old; residence, Eastern Shore, Northampton Co., Va.; post-office address, Bayview
“That there is not in his community or within his knowledge any commissioned office of Company G 1st Regt USC Cav nor first sergeant, nor does he know where either, if any now, be living can be found”

Claimant’s Affidavit, David Anderson, 8 August 1891
47 years old; residence, Cape Charles, Northampton Co., Va.; post-office address, Cape Charles, Northampton Co., Va.
“I was struck by the explosion of a shell from Fort Clifton about June or July … taken to the regiment hospital near Point of Rocks and was treated by the doctors there but I did not know their names”

General Affidavit, David Anderson and Thomas Floyd, 22 August 1892
[Anderson] 47 years old; residence, Cape Charles, Northampton, Va.; post-office address, Cape Charles City, Va.
[Floyd] 51 years old; residence, Cape Charles City, Northampton Co., Va.; post-office address, Cape Charles City, Va.
“both discharged at City Point, Va. and came home together … both working at Cape Charles City, Va, sees each other every day”

General Affidavit, John Henry, 1 October 1892
46 years old; residence, Cheapside, Northampton Co., Va.; post-office address, Cheapside, Va.
“I have been aquainted with the said claimant David Anderson on about 25 years or more”

Claimant’s Affidavit, David Anderson, 27 May 1893
49 years old; residence, Bayview, Northampton Co., Va.; post-office address, Cape Charles, Va.
“Says that he recd shell wound over left eye Jan 10/64 at engagement at Butler Breastwork front of Petersburg was sent to hospital Point of Rocks near Petersburg & transfer to Camp Hamilton … and remained there”

General Affidavit, Thomas Floyd and Harrison Tucker, 18 May 1893
[Floyd] 52 years old; residence, Cape Charles, Northampton Co., Va.; post-office address, Cape Charles City, Va.
[Tucker] 59 years old; residence, Cape Charles, Northampton Co., Va.; post-office address, Cape Charles City, Va.
“[Floyd] been knowing [claimant] for 25 years, since the war, and since he has been out of the war … I am now living in Cape Charles and see him every day. He now drives the mail from Cape Charles to Brighton once a day and sometimes”
“[Tucker] “a mail carrier myself from the train to the post office at Cape Charles every day and he have to meet the train every day”

Claimant’s Affidavit, David Anderson, 12 August 1894
47 years old; residence, Bayview, Northampton Co., Va.; post-office address, Bayview, Va.
“I have not been treated by any Doctor since I was discharged because I was not so bad off at first”

Questionnaire (Form 3-173), David Anderson, 13 September 1899
[wife’s name/maiden name] “I am not. I has ben [sic] married but she lef [sic] in 67 for another man and went to New York and have not heard from her since”
[where, when, by whom] 1866 December; Andrew Tucker of Norfolk but he is dead
[marriage record] “Norfolk, Va. I was not married but once and that was in 1866; 25 years ago so I do not consider that I am a married man”
[previoiusly married] “I don’t know whether she is dead or living but she will never be my wife enemore [sic] in this world and the world to come”
[living children] “I had one name David Anderson Jr but he was not her son but it was another mother. Born December 1870 as near as I can say. The date of month has slip [sic] my memories.”

General Affidavit, Jeffrey Taylor, 8 January 1906
65 years old; residence, Cape Charles, Va.
“I lived in the claimant’s home with him during the years of 1901 and 1902 … His disability was not due in any way to vicious habits.”

General Affidavit, Edward F. Jordan, 8 Januaary 1906
48 years old; residence, Cape Charles, Va.
“I have personally known the claimant David Anderson for the past four or five years”

Declaration for Pension, David Anderson, 19 February 1907
70 years old; residence, Bayview, Northampton Co., Va.; post-office address, Cape Charles, Northampton Co,, Va
“born January 1st 1837 at St Mray’s County, Md. (my discharge certificate is in Pension Office) … several places of residence since living leaving the service have been as follows: lived in Norfolk, Va. about three months, since then to date in Northampton County, Va.”
“Also personally appeared S.B. Travis, residing in Cape Charles, Va. and Arthur Hurt, residing in Dolby, Va. … their acquaintance with him of 10 years and 10 years, respectively”

Questionnaire (Form 3-389), David Anderson, 20 April 1915
[date and place of birth] 1837 — St Mary’s Co,, Maryland
[organization] Co G, 1st USCC
[post-office at enlistment] Norfolk, Virginia
[wife’s full name / maiden name] Jane Parsons
[when, where, by whom] Dec 1866, Norfolk, Va. Rev. Wm. Tucker
[official or church record, where] yes, Norfolk, Va
[previous marriage] no
[present wife’s previous marriage] “was not married before she met me”
[with wife] “she is dead”
[names and birth dates of all children] David Anderson, living,1869

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According to the soldier’s daughter, her father enlisted in the 1st U.S. Colored Cavalry in October 1863 in Mississippii but that regiment wasn’t organized until December 1863 at Fort Monroe, Virginia. The Pension Board couldn’t resolve this and other discrepancies, consequently the application was denied.

Minor — 459,517 / —–,

Declaration for Children Under Sixteen Years of Age, Eliza Duvall, 5 August 1890
35 years old; post-office address, Box #125 Greenville, Washington County, Mississippi
“[Anthony Anderson] who enlisted at Skipwith Landing, Miss on the 11 day of Oct, 1863 … who died in service … names and dates of birth of all the surviving children of the children, under sixteen years of age as follows:

Eliza Duvall child of the soldier, born Jan 1855
Rachel Smith formerly Anderson, born May 1857
Charlotte Ann Anderson, born June 1859
Lilia Ann Lee formerly Anderson, born Jan 1861
Elizabeth Anderson, born March 1863

“That the father was married under the name of Anthony Anderson to Jane Horance [?]”
“Also personally appeared Walker Smith, residing at Oakland Place, Miss and C.B. Litchfield, residing at Refuge, Miss. … their acquaintance … 35 years and 30 years, respectively”

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The widow, a lifelong resident of Norfolk, Virginia, moved to Cleveland, Ohio, to live with her son. The soldier’s will was never admitted to probate and there was confusion about the widow’s name before marriage but his application based on invalid status and her application based on widow status were approved.

Invalid — 815,831 / 740,173
Widow — 770,259 / 542,553

General Affidavit, Henry Small and William Tenant, 4 January 1891
[Small] 48 years old; residence, 95 Liberty Street, Norfolk, Norfolk Co., Va.
[Tenant] 45 years old; residence, 97 Liberty Street, Norfolk, Norfolk Co., Va.
“That they know Andrew W. Anderson aforesaid and have frequently visited him and attend to him; that he is now very sick and confined to his bed and room … he will die in want of proper medical assistance and proper attention, he is an object of charity and entirely dependent on his wife who is quite delicate and unable to do any manual labor, his friends are obliged to attend him in his helplessness.”

Deposition, Andrew W. Anderson, 8 May 1893
49 years old; residence, 95 Liberty St., Norfolk, Va.,

Deposition, Lazarus Taite, 8 May 1893
63 or 64 years old; oocupation, day laborer
“I have known Andrew W. Anderson 29 or 30 years … Wm. Anderson and me served in the same company and I urged him to make the application … my name on that declaration is a forgery”

Deposition, William Bright, 10 May 1893
49 years old; occupation, laborer; residence, 76 Nickerson Street, Norfolk, Virginia

Deposition, B.A. Richardson, 11 May 1893
28 years old; occupation, traveling salesman; residence and post-office address, 50 Roanoke Ave., Norfolk, Va.
“At that date I was a notary public and had a seal … my brother C.A. Richardson informed me that W.R. Drury in my absence took my seal away with him.”
“I signed some declarations in black for my uncle W.R. Drury, Pension Attorney”

Deposition, Andrew W. Anderson, 16 January 1901
57 [?] years old; occupation, laborer; post-office address, 133 Liberty Street, Norfolk, Va.
“I was born near Berkley, Norfolk Co., Va. I was freeborn. My father’s name was Jadarest [?] Anderson. my mother’s name was Barbara Ann Anderson. I have no sisters living. I have one brother. Izaiah Anderson, Hampton Home, Va. who served in the Navy. Don’t know on what ship.
“I was a farmer at enlistment”
“Garrard was my first Col[onel]. Seip was my last Col[onel]. W.H. Cabiness was my Capt.; Vandervoort was my 1st Lt.; Smith was 2nd Lt; William Teemer, ord. sgt.; Harper was 2nd Sgt.; John Robinson Sgt.; Philip Bagnall was my tentmate. I was in the Battle of Drury’s Bluff in 1864, at Church Hill near Richmond in 1864. Some were killed at both places, but none of my co.
“I was wounded in my head at Church Hill in 1864 and had my left arm broken while in camp while engaged in wrestling [?] at Scott’s Creek, near Portsmouth, Va., in Jan 1865.”
“I have resided in Norfolk, Va. since discharge … have been treaeted for a gallstone by Dr. Thompson and Dr. Walker, Norfolk, Va. … William Bright and Lazarus Tate were my witnesses in my pension claim.”
Bertha W. Anderson is the name of my lawful wife. We were married Jan [illegible], 1869, at Berkley, Va. by Rev. Peter Sherpherd. … I have no children under 16.”

Declaration for Widow’s Pension, Bertha Anderson, 3 September 1902
58 years old; residence, Norfolk, Norfolk Co., Va; post-office address, 54 Livingston St., Cleveland, Ohio
“Also personally appeared, Anna Davis, residing at 461 Cumberland [?] St … and Martha C. Walker, residing at 377 Cumberland [?] … their acquaintance with her of 40 years and 30 years, respectively”

General Affidavit, Bertha Anderson, 15 September 1902
69 years old; residence, Cleveland, Ohio; post-office address, 54 Livingston St., Cleveland, Ohio
“[married] at Providence Church, Norfolk Co., Va. … her name at the time of such marriage was Bertha Wilson … when claimant was between three and four years old her mother married a second time to one Wilson Moore and claimant was sometimes called Bertha Moore through the confusion of her step-father’s name … [Andrew Anderson] owned a small lot of land, unimproved, in Norfolk County, near Providence Church, which is supposed to be worth about $30; that said lot was left to the claimant by the will of the soldier, which has never been admitted to probate; that with the exception of the said lot neither she nor her husband owned any property except a few articles of household furniture which have been sold for about $10 or $15 ; that she has no income from any source and owns no interest in any stocks or bonds… that she has been a resident of Norfolk, Va., all her life, but is now going to Cleveland, Ohio to live with her son, and therefore gives her address in Cleveland, Ohio.”

General Affidavit, Rev. Peter Shepperd, 16 October 1902
87 years old; residence, Norfolk, Norfolk Co., Va.; post-office address, 325 8th St, NE, Washington, DC
“He is a regularly ordained minister of the African Methodist Episcopal Church, continuously since the year of 1864, and states that that he married the claimant Bertha Anderson, to her husband the soldier, Andrew W. Anderson, in this case, at Berkley, Norfolk Co., Va., on the 7th day of January 1869, he acting in the capacity of the officiating minister … he, the affiant, failed to make a return of the marriage of this claimant to the soldier.”

General Affidavit, Bertha Anderson, 16 June 1904
60 years old; residence, Norfolk, Norfolk County, Virginia; post-office box, 56 Johnson Ave, Norfolk, Va.
“Her pension is paid by the agency at Columbus, Ohio, where she formerly lived; that she has been living in Norfolk, Va. about eight months and expects to live here the rest of her life.
“She therefore respectfully requests that she be paid by the agency in Washington, DC instead of Columbus, Ohio.”

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Sometimes a veteran or his survivor(s) didn’t know which military organization i.e. Company or Regiment that he had enlisted or served in. Without confirmation of identity or service an appplication failed.

Invalid — 1,395,906 / ——

Declaration of Pension, Charles Anderson, 4 February 1911
81 years old; residence, Skidmore, Bee County, Texas; post-office address, Skidmore, Bee County, Texas
“he was enrolled at New Orleans … was honorably discharged at San Antonio, Texas … that he served about one year as a cook … born June 1830 … at Grand Gulf, Claiborne County, Texas … several places of residence since leaving the service have been as follows: St. Mary’s, Texas; in Refugio County, and Skidmore in Bee County, Texas, having lived in St. Mary’s 35 years or longer, and at Skidmore for past five years.”
“Also personally appeared J.C. Wood, residing in Bellville, Texas, and Thos. Wilder, residing in Beeville, Texas … their acquaintance with him of 40 years and 40 years, respectively”

Form 3-333, Department of the Interior, Bureau of Pensions, 13 May 1911
“it is alleged, entered the service at New Orleans, La. as a cook in Co. B, 10 Regt Ill Cav., and was discharged at San Antonio, Texas. Clmt mentions Capt. Crout as one of his company officers. Also names Andrew Jackson, Jack Smith Wade and M.E. Campbell. … the name of Charles Anderson has not been found on the rolls of Co. B 10th Ill. Cav. Byron L. Crouch was Capt. of that co. Andrew Jackson and M.V. Campbell were members of another co. of that regt. The name Jack Smith Wade has not been found on the rolls of Co. B.”

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Born in Nansemond County, Virginia died in the post hospital at Brazos Santiago, Texas in August 1865. At the time of his death, he owed $14.00 to a sutler named Paul Jones.* Witnesses for the widow provided contradictory testimony about her private life but her application was approved. Names of the couple’s enslavers were noted in the record.

Widow — 116,291 / 115,769, Lavinia Ashburn

Sworn Statement, Lavinia Ashburn, 24 December 1865
25 years old; post-office address, Portsmouth, Virginia
“She was married to [Miles Ashburn] in the year 1860 and that there is no record of her said marriage … there are now living two children the fruit of said marriage viz. Jane Ashburn, aged 3 years and 5 months and Mary Charity Ashburn aged 2 months … She hereby authorizes Samuel V. Niles of Washington City, DC to prosecute her case”

“The Family Record was exhibited before me of which the following is a true copy viz.
“Jane Ashburn was born on the 10th of June in the year of 1862, Daughter of Lavinia and Miles Ashburn”
“Mary Charity Ashburn was born on the 14th of September in the year of 1865, Daughter of Lavinia and Miles Ashburn.”

“Also personally came Clara A. Sparrow and Matilda Tynes residents of said city … they were also well acquainted with Miles Ashburn and knew him before he entered the service of the U. States”

A.S. Dixon, Notary Public”

Sworn Statement, Isaac Pierce and Willis Council, 1 October 1866
“they lived in the same neighborhood with [Miles Ashburn] and have known him for more than ten years past … they are well acquainted with his widow”
“and at the same time personally came Lavinia Ashburn”

Widow’s Application for Pension, Livinia Ashburn, 14 February 1867
“her maiden name was Livinia Luke … she was married to said Miles Ashburn … 1861 in Nansemond County … by an authorized minister … there are now no children living the fruit of said marriage”
“Also personally appeared …Mrs. Jane E. McCoy and Clara Ann Sparrow residents of Norfolk County”

Sworn Statement, Jane E. McCoy, 14 February 1867
“she well knew Miles Ashburn … that [the couple] lived on her premises and that she knew them as man and wife … Ashburn left two children at the time of his death and that they have since died”

Widow’s Declaration for Pension or Increase of Pension, Lavinia Ashburn, 16 August 1867
60 years old; residence, 1008 Effingham street, Portsmouth, Va.; post-office address, 1008 Effingham street, Portsmouth, Va.
“Jane Ashburn born April 1862, Charity Ashburn born Jany 1865”
“Also personally appeared Jacob Ashburn, residing in Bowers Hill, Va. and Nathan Ashburn, residing at Bowers Hill, Va. … witnesses: Nathan Ashburn, Jeff. Davis

Sworn Statement, Lavinia Ashburn, 8 February 1868
“She is unable to furnish any record of her marriage as the law of Virginia did not require the [illegal] of license for the marriage of col’d persons … personally came Richard Freeman and Albert Jones … declare that they were personally and intimately acquainted with the above named Miles Ashburn that they were in the same company with him … and that he died in the service in at the hospital at Brazos Santiago Texas and that he died in August 1865″

Declaration for Pension of Children Under Sixteen Years of Age, Lavinia Ashburn, 17 March 1891
47 years old; residence, Portsmouth, Norfolk Co., Va.; post-office address, c/o Room No. 1, 114 Main Street, Norfolk, Va.
“is the legal guardian of Jane and of Charity Ashburn … Jane Ashburn … born Jany 6, 1862 … Charity Ashburn … born Jany 15, 1865 … the father was married under the name Miles Ashburn to Lavinia Luke … declarant hereby appoints … N.E. Knoeler, No. 10 Grace Place. Washington, DC. … her attorney.”
“Also personally appeared Albert Jones residing at No. 5 on Clifford street, in Portsmouth, Va. and Charles Williams residing at No. 17, in Pearl street, in Portsmouth, Va.”

Deposition, Lavinia Ashburn, 20 August 1901
address, 814 Bart St., Portsmouth, Va.
“I am not acquainted with my age. I had two children with the northern troops came through Suffolk, Va. so I must be somewhere near 60 years old. Housekeeping is my occupation.. … My husband was born in 5 miles of me and I was born 5 miles beyond Suffolk, Va. He was born in Nansemond Co., Va. and was a slave owned by Elisha Ashburn. I do not recall name of my husband’s father. My husband took his name from his owner. He never went under any other name.”
“We were married some ten months before the ‘Yankees’ came to Suffolk. We only had a slave marriage — simply got consent of our owners and went to living together, never had a ceremony of any kind. My owner was Isaac Luke. My husband lived as I said 5 miles from me but he came Wednesday and Saturday night of each week to see me. I was married once before I married my husband but he left me and took up with another woman. His name was Charles Driver. I had two children by him. Miles Ashburn was never married before he married me.
“My husband Miles Ashburn enlisted in Norfolk, Va. Oh, yes, I saw him after he joined the army. He came to see me some 2 or 3 times. He would come home on furlough whenever he could get off. I saw him the night before they all started for Texas. The whole Regt went. They took a steamer. The steamer came up about where the present ferry wharf is now. After that I never saw him again. I finally received word that he died in ten days after he got to Texas.”

“At time of death of my husband, I lived on Queen St. near Catholic church. Lived there only about one year when I moved to Getty’s Station 3 miles out of this town. Lived there with my brother Miles Williams. Lived there one year and a half and then came back to Portsmouth. I then lived on Chestnut St. on line of County and City. Lived there a year and then moved on Green and South St. Lived there 7 years. Lived there 7 years. Was known [illegible] Charles Pierson (white), Fatry Pierson, and Mr. Ed. Johnson and since that time I have lived principally on this st. The only person who has ever lived in house with me since the war was my brother and he only lived there a short time.
“I have had seven children are dead but one, viz. George Driver.
“I had two children by Driver and three by Miles Ashburn. When I told you a few minutes ago that I had six or seven children I must have been mistaken for I can only count five. My last child was born in four weeks after its father died.
“I have cooked for four different men viz.
Eli Rix now of Boston, Mass.
Wm. Smith, no, I think it was Jesse Smith. He lives beyond this city — cannot give exact address.
William Erbett, King Street and James Gerr of Richmond.
Charles Eason used to visit me at times but he is dead. He was a roomer for Mrs. Deasondorf. He at times staid [sic] at my house at nights. His wife who is now dead used to [illegible] to look after him. I was then living at corner Green and South. He also used to come and stay at my house when I was at 1008 Effingham st. Charles Eason and I were in the house alone. Chas. Eason‘s wife lived about a mile or two out of town — she lost her mind and was sent to the asylum. Chas. Eason died about 3 years ago.”
[Note: The streets mentioned in her testimony are in a Portsmouth neighborhood called Lincolnsville.

Deposition, Lavinia Ashburn, 21 August 1901
“I do not know correct age, but I was grown and had two children when the war commenced.
“I have had two children since the death of my husband. Charles Eason was father of both said children. One of said children was a girl and was named Martha — the other was a boy and named Charles. These children were born on Green st., near South and I rented the house from Mr. Wilson. I do not recollect the age of Martha but Charles would be twenty-three years old if alive. These children died when they were small. They were about three or four years of age when they died.
“[Charles Eason] commenced his visits to me during the last of the war after my husband had been killed or died in Texas and continued his visits up to about a short time before his death. He died some two or three years ago”

“I used to be known under the name of Lavinia Driver. That was the name of my first husband. His name was Charles Driver and we were married in slavery time but he ran off and left me. He died year before last. … I have one son by Charles Driver. He is alive and over 40 years of age.”

Deposition, Lavinia Reed, 27 August 1901
“unable to give my age but I had children when war commenced”; occupation, housekeeping; residence, 908 Griffin St., Portsmouth, Va.
“I have known Lavinia Ashburn some 12 or 15 years. After we got acquainted we were next door neighbors till some 3 or 4 years ago
“She never married anyone while I knew her but a man named Charles Eason used to stay a heap with her. … Lavinia did not bear a good name and drank hard at times and people talked about her and Charles Eason. I told her it was wrong myself but she did not appear to like it so I let her alone. … Lovinia rented two rooms — in lower room she cooked and slept in upper room. As I recalled in the upper room there was a bed and a lounge.”

Deposition, Anthony Reed, 28 August 1901
“I do not know my age but am over 70”; residence, 908 Griffin St., Portsmouth, Va.; “I am a laborer but cannot work much of the time.”
“I have known Lavinia Ashburn for many years. She never married Charles Eason for he had a living wife.”

General Affidavit, Mary Reed and Martha Wright, 16 January 1904
[Reed] 65 years old; residence, Portsmouth, Norfolk Co., Va.; post-office address, Columbus st., near Green, Portsmouth, Va.
[Wright] 55 years old; residence, Portsmouth, Norfolk Co., Va.; post-office address, 704 London st., Portsmouth, Va.
“They have been well acquainted with the claimant … ever since before the war of 1861, that ever since the war they have lived in Portsmouth or the adjoining part of Norfolk Co. and during that time the claimant has lived in Portsmouth; that during that time they have visited her frequently and known her intimately … that for the last 7 years they have all been living near each other in Portsmouth and claimant lives with her son and his children, that she is a member of Zion’s Church in good standing and could not be so if she had been guilty of open and notorious adulterous cohabitation.”

“Also appeared Lucy Ann Johnson, age 47, a resident of Portsmouth, Va., address, Columbus St., between Green and Effingham, Portsmouth, Va. … she has known claimant all her life that she was born and raised in Portsmouth where claimant has always lived since she could remember her. … she has lived near her and visited her frequently day and night.”

*Details about Miles Ashburn’s military service, illness, hospitalization, and death are reported in his Compiled Military Service Record.

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