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Not all veterans (or survivors) applied for pensions. However, many of them were witnesses and provided personal information about themselves in the process. Sometimes that information isn’t available elsewhere.

Invalid– 652,403 / 552,192

General Affidavit, Andrew Nimmo, 25 January 1893
57 years old; residence, Norfolk, Norfolk Co., Virginia; post-office address, 387 Church St., Norfolk, Va
“That in the Spring of 1865 while charging on in line of duty at New Kent, Va. the claimant’s horse fell on him which affected the said Isaac Mosely’s head and eyes … he has to stop work and lie down … he is at least 2/3 disabled. That I was present when his horse fell on him”

General Affidavit, Lewis Dawley. 26 January 1893
57 years old; residence, Norfolk, Norfolk Co., Virginia; post-office address, Church St., Norfolk, Va.
“That in the Spring of 1865 while skirmishing at New Kent, Va. the above named comrade’s horse stumbled and fell upon him … he can hardly do any manual labor”
[Note: Signed “Louis Dawley” — Leslie]

General Affidavit, Gideon Christian, MD, 3 February 1893
residence, Norfolk, Norfolk Co., Va
“I did not know this man until some eight or ten years after the war when I attended him for an attack of rheumatism associated with malaria twice.”

General Affidavit, Isaac Kellum and Gilbert Wright, 27 Februrary 1893
[Kellum] 66 years old; residence; Norfolk, Norfolk Co., Va.
[Wright] 55 years old; residence, Norfolk, Norfolk Co., Va.
“Affiants have known Isaac Mosely the past six or seven years”

Deposition, Mark Sanford, 10 May 1893
about 51 years old; “occupation, boss of hands picking berrys, no regular occupation”; residence, 26 Owen St, Norfolk, Va

Deposition, Isaac Mosely, 13 May 1893
48 years old; occupation, laborer; residence, 33 Wise St., Norfolk, Va.
“Q. What witnesses did you have?
A. Isaac Kellam and Gilbert Wright”

Deposition, John Whitehurst, 15 May 1893
69 yeas old; occupation, driver; residence, 208 Goff St., Norfolk, Va.

Affidavit for General Purposes, Andrew Nimmo, 16 August 1893
56 years old; residence, 411 Church St., Norfolk, Va.
“Claimant and I have been neighbors and see one another as often a three times a week”

Affidavit for General Purposes, John Lynnier, 16 August 1893
42 years old
“That on or about March 1866 I met Isaac Mosely claimant who had then just returned from the army of the US … we are intimate neighbors”

Affidavit for General Purposes, Joseph White, 5 September 1893
46 years old; residence, 40 National St., Norfolk, Va.
“That I have known claimant five years before the late War of Rebellion and we lived together and frequently worked together up to 1890”

Affidavit for General Purposes, D.E. Ferebee, 6 September 1893
“I have been acquainted with claimant about thirty years and was in the same company and regiment also have seen him his discharge at least once a week. Often [sic] and on for about thirteen years”

General Affidavit, Dempsey E. Ferebee and Martin Corprew, 16 December 1893
[Ferebee] 60 years old; residence, Norfolk, Norfol Co., Va; post-office address, 15 Kent St., Norfolk, Va
[Corprew] 58 years old, residence, Norfolk, Norfolk Co., Va; post-office address, 90 Calvary St., Norfolk, Va.
“That they are both well acquainted with the claimant … and knew him well in the service … inflamed eyes from exposure and smoke and explosion of shells and powder … They have seen claimant at least once or twice a year during each and every year from 1866 to the present time. For the first thirteen years or thereabout from 1866 they saw claimant at least once a week”

Deposition, Isaac Mosely, 14 April 1894
49 years old; occupation, laborer; residence and post-office address, 30 Wise St., Norfolk, Va.

Deposition, Dempsey E. Ferebee, 16 April 1894
60 years old; occupation, minister of the gospel; residence and post-office address, 22 Lincoln St., Norfolk, Va.
“I have known the claimant Isaac Mosely since 1864. He and I were members of Co B, 1 USCC, during the late war”

Sworn Statement, Martin Corprew, 6 June 1894
“I enlisted with Isaac Mosely … we serve [sic] together during the war and were discharged at the same time … battle in front of Petersburg, Va about the fall of 1864 … I have lived near Isaac Mosely ever since our discharge in Norfolk, Va. and have seen him about once a week during that time”

General Affidavit, L. B. Montague, MD, 14 October 1895
57 years old; residence, Norfolk, Norfolk Co., Va.
“Isaac Mosley came to me for examination on this 11th day Oct 1895”

Sworn Statement, Dempsey E. Ferebee, 27 June 1898
60 years old; occupation, minister of the gospel; post-office address, 15 Kent St., Norfolk, Va.
“I served in Co B, 1st USC Cav … I am well acquainted with the clmt … and have known continuously since except from 1875 to 1891 when I was away from Norfolk, I saw him occasionally even during said time … [injured by] explosion of a shell near Petersburg on the turnpike, this was sometime before Richmond fell in 1865”

Questionnaire (Form 3-402), Isaac Mosely, 15 March 1898
[married] Louisa Mosely — Louisa Whitehurst
[where, when, by whom] “about 4 yrs ago — Norfolk, Va. — Rev. Brickhouse
[record] “marriage register = Norfolk City Clerk’s Office”
[previously married] Margaret (Eyre) Mosely — Died Mar 15, 1882
[living children] three by first wife, all over 20; none living by 2d wife

Letter from Isaac Mosely, Norfolk, Va. to H.C. Evans, Commisioner of Pensions, 23 March, 1898
“I was married to my present wife February 23, 1891. I married her under the name of Louisa Cuffy. In my reply to circular I gave her name as Louise Whitehurst. That was her maiden name, but she was a widow when I married her, the name of her former husband being Cuffy.”

Questionnaire (Form 3-173), Isaac Mosely, 22 June 1898
[married] Louisa Mosely — Louisa Cuffey
[where, when, by whom] “six years ago last fall – Norfolk, Va. — Elder John Brickhouse
[record] “marriage register – clerk’s office – Norfolk City”
[previously married] Margaret Mosely died Mch 5, 1882, Norfolk, Va
[living children] Isaac Mosely, 34 years old; Ann Mosely, 26 years; Edward Mosely, 22 years old

Deposition, Isaac Mosely, 9 January 1902
56 years old [60 was pencilled in above this item]; “inmate of the S.S. home though till a year ago I lived at 10 O’Keefe St., and my eyesight is so bad that I have no occupation”
“I was born in Norfolk County, Va., and was a slave; was owned by John Griddle. My father was Charles Mosely … prior to enlistment was a farmer.”

“For fifteen years my eyesight has been so poor that I could do very little work. I now do no work. I have lived in Norfolk ever since I came from the army. Have worked principally on truck farms.
“When in the army I served in Va., until Richmond fell and then we went to Texas. We went to Texas by boat. We went on the McClelland.
“I have been married twice; my first wife was Margaret Ayers; she died 19 years ago in this town. My second wife was Louisa Whitehurst. We have been married 13 years. We were married in this city. We were married by Rev. Brickhouse.
“Q. How long have your eyes been bothering you?
A. Ever since 1864. I got powder in them in front of Petersburg. A shell bursted in front of me and filled my eyes full of sand and powder and my eyes aint been no count since. I was never treated for my eyes in service.
Isaac Kellum, Humphrey McCoy, Darling [sic] were my witnesses.
“I was a witness for Kellum and McCoy.”

Death Certificate, Isaac Mosely, 3 March 1911
[place of death] 27 Hampton St., 9th Ward, Norfolk, Virginia
[length of reisdence in Norfolk] 65 years old
[sex / color / condition] male / colored / single
[birth date] [blank]
[age] 65 years old
[occupation] [blank]
[birthplace] Virginia
[father’s name and birthplace] Charles Mosely, Virginia
[mother’s name and birthplace] not known, Virginia
[informant] Isaac Mosely, Jr., 26 Hunter St., Norfolk, Va.
[death date] March 3, 1911
[cause of death / contributory] apoplexy / cerebral / senility
[signed] Dr. Lyman Page [?], MD, 765 Church St
[burial, date] Calvary, March 1911
[undertaker, address] Jones & Co., 197 Wise St.

Application for Re-imbursement, Annie Spratley, 1911
[member of society paying sick or death benefits] no
[executor or administrator] no
[money, real estate, or personal property]
[unendorsed pension check] no
[relationship to pensioner] daughter
[married] yes
[cause of death] apoplexy
[date last sickness began’ February 28, 1911
[name and post-office address of physician attending the pensioner during last sickness] A. Lyman Paey, 765 Church St., Norfolk, Va
[person who nursed pensioner] Annie Spratley
[pensioner’s address during last sickness] 27 Hunter St., Norfolk, Va.
[death date] March 3, 1911
[burial] Calvary Cemetery, Norfolk, Va.

NameNature of ExpenseState Whether Paid or UnpaidAmount
A. Lyman PaeyPhysicianPaid 3.00
Nursing and caare
D.W. Jones & CoUndertakerUnpaid 90.50
Other expenses:
Annie SpratleyBoard, lodging & nursing & laundry for 1 month
Annie Spratley
Annie SpratleyUnpaid 24.00

(Soldier was blind for thirteen years).
Post-office address, 27 Hunter St., Norfolk, Norfolk County, Virginia

“The pensioner, Isaac Mosely, was decrepit, old, and blind and evidently needed everything that was done for him.”
A. Lyman Paey, MD

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The soldier and his wife were married in Princess Anne County, Virginia with consent of their enslavers. An agent of the Bureau of Refugees, Freedmen and Abandoned Lands (BRFAL) certified their marriage when she applied for widow’s pension. For a time the Bureau’s office and the Freedman’s Bank were in the same building in downtown Norfolk.

Widow — 174,223 / 154,377, Mary Munden

Widow’s Claim for Pension, Mary Mundane, 18 April 1869
post-office address, Norfolk, Norfolk Co., Virginia
“That she is the widow of Daniel Mundain … that her maiden mane was Mary Mackie [married] on or about the Nov 1854 in the county of Prince Ann, and State of Virginia by mutual consent … married by consent of master Moses Fentress to Daniel Mundin with the consent of his master Nathan Mundin all of Prince Ann County, Va….. her husband died in the service of the United States as aforesaid at Brazos Santiago, in the state of Texas … of disease contracted in the service & in line of duty … all the children of my deceased husband who were under sixteen years of age at the time of his death George Mundane born Aug 1855, William born 1857, (Luellen born Oct 1859, died in July 1865), Frances born Nov 1861, (Daniel born July 1864 – died Aug 1867)”
“Also personally appeared before me Isaac Kellam and Owen Woodhouse, residents of Norfolk County, and State of Virginia”

Statement from H.C. Percy, Agent, Bur RFAL[illegible], 26 October 1871
“I certify that I have examined the case of Mary Mundeen, widow of Daniel Munden … the claimant and her witnesses appearing before me and from said examination and from several years personal acquaintance with the claimant who has been a frequent visitor at my office & is vouched for by unimpeachable witnesses, and from having two years ago paid to same claimant the bounty & arrears of pay due by reason of said soldier’s service. I am fully satisfied of her identity as the widow of the said soldier, and so is justly entitled to receive a pension from the United States”
[Note: Written on letterhead belonging to the “Bureau of Refugees, Freedmen and Abandoned Lands, Branch Office of Claim Division, No. 14 Main Street, — in Freedmen Bank, Norfolk, Va.” — Leslie]

Deposition, Mary Mundin, 3 October 1901
about 75 years old; occupation, housekeeping; residence, Berkley, Va. “but my mail is received in Noarfolk, Va.”
“My husband was born a slave and belonged to the Mundins. The Mundins lived in Princess Anne Co. Randall Ives was name of my husband’s father but he took his name from his owners. I was owned by Mrs. Fentress in Princess Anne Co., Va. My husband and I lived about 12 or 15 miles apart but he came to see me every two or three weeks. We were married several years before the War and I had five children by him when the War commenced. All are dead except my oldest son George who is now totally blind and I support him … [before my husband joined the army] he worked on a farm.”
“My husband joined the army. I think about Norfolk. He ran away and joined before I knew it. My husband’s reg’t was camped awhile after he joined it in Norfolk and I often visited him there. Finally his Reg was ordered to Texas and he went with it and died there. He died very soon after the Regt reached Texas but I do not know what he died of. I have lived right here in this town ever since my husband died…. I have done all kinds of work for a living such as washing and ironing.
Chas. C. Brown was my atty. … My vouchers are executed by Mr. Page.”

Letter from Mary Munder, 22-17th St., Berkley, Norfolk, Va., to Commissioner of Pensions, Washington, DC, 18 September 1916
“I am 92 years of age, having been born September, 1924, in Princess Anne County, Va.”
[Note: The letter was written on letterhead of Hubard & Hubard, Attorneys at Law, Offices 145 Bank St., Norfolk, Va. — Leslie]

Declaration of Widow’s Pension, Mary Mundin, 30 September 1916 [date-stamped by Pension Office]
residence, Norfolk Co., Va.; post-office address, care of Freedman’s Bank, Norfolk, Va.
“July 25, 1865, the date of soldier’s death … his children

GeorgeBorn, Aug 15, 1855
Sixteen, Aug 14, 1871
WilliamBorn, Sep 15, 1857
Sixteen, Sept 14, 1873
FrancesBorn, Nov 15, 1861
Sixteen, Nov 14, 1877
DavidBorn, July 1, 1864
Died, Aug 1, 1867

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The widow re-married and applied for benefits from her residence in Connecticut.

Widow — 571,965 / —–, Virginia Cox

Declaration for Original Pension of Widow, Virginia Cox, 20 February 1893
54 years old; residence, 13 Jewett Street, Ansonia, Connecticut; post-office address, Ansonia, Connecticut
“she was married under the name of Virginia Henry [?] to said John H. Mosley … Norfolk, Virginia … two children, both dead … that she has since been married to James Cox who has since died and that she is now a widow”

Office of Jas. H. Vermilya & Co., Washington, DC, 1 May 1893
“Name of John H. Mosley does not appear on the records of the War Department, on the rolls of Co A, Reg’t U.S.C.Cavs…. please give the following information:
[name at enlistment] John Mosely
[discharge?] “it got lost by fire”
[regiment – white or colored?] “colored”
[soldier – whie or colored?] “colored”
[duty?] Private
[enslitment date] 1861
[enlistment place] Norfolk, Virginia
[name, company, regiment of enlisted officer] “I can’t do that. I can’t say more than I know.”
[date of discharge] “mustard [sic] out in 1866 Brassos [sic] Texsas [sic]”
[place of discharge] City Point
[discharge paperwork] “lost by fire”
[names of company and regimental officers you can remember] “Captain Lie Copeland. Sargent Ricks [?], Sargent Fodie [?] , Bugler [the surname Jones is struck through] Lucy [?], Sargent Judkins. I can’t remember all.”
[age] “I don’t know”
[occupation at enlistment] “I can’t say”
“Also personally appeared Emily A. Lee residing at 13 Jewett St., in Ansonia … and Edward O. Peck residing at No. 262 in Wakelee Ave. in Ansonia”
[Note: The 1st U.S. Colored Cavalry wasn’t organized until 1863 — Leslie]

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The soldier’s injuries included a gunshot wound to the mouth and a bayonet wound to the leg. His application for benefits as an invalid was denied.

Invalid — 1,164,076 / —–

Declaration for Invalid Pension, Icham Mackey, 1 February 1895
58 years old; residence and post-office address, Binns Hall, Charles City County, Virginia
“honorably discharged at Lexington, NC … unable to earn a support by manual labor by reason of gsw – mouth; two wounds in left leg; bayonet wound in right leg”
“Also personally appeared John F. Nance, residing at Charles City County and G.W. Lampkin, residing at Charles City County … their acquaintance with him for Twenty years and Fifteen years, respectively”

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This pension application had very limited genealogical information about the soldier. His application was approved.

Invalid — 1,084,632 / 809,199

Questionnaire (Form 3-492), William Morris, 4 May 1898
[married] “I never was married”
[when, where, by whom] [blank]
[record of marriage] [blank]
[previously married] [blank]
[living children] “Never had any”

[Note: Signed by William Morris — Leslie]

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